Torun Foundation of Development ‘Anything is possible’


The society changes withthe turn of your heart

In the middle of 2015, because of our mutual feeling about importance of developing the charity work in our city, few of us who were inspired and full of passion, have decided to start something called Torun Foundation of Development ‘Anything is possible’. As we soon came to realise, our mutual vision and dreams has made us a great team in a very unique way. And all that for one mission…
The name of our foundation is a direct, positive inspiration coming from pages of the Bible, which encourages every person to not give up and believe in a greater future, because as it says, ‘anything is possible for anyone who has faith’. Accordingly, we would like to positively influence everyone with this way of thinking, especially those, who have not been given hope by anyone else.
We are all from various backgrounds and walks of life, but we have one vision that unites us, a vision that we have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for. We hope that our knowledge and skills, which we try to continually develop, will help us to make that vision shine through. We would like to encourage you to support us in our work on this not so easy challenge.
Because we are from Torun, the main area of our work will be the city itself as well as the nearby towns.

Aims of our foundation
The organisation has been established in order to:

a) take action for a spiritual rebirth of people,
b) tackle the issue of marginalisation of high ethics and social values such as love, freedom, honesty, acceptance, social justice, equality, faith, peace, tolerance,
c) take measures to improve the protection and promotion of physical and mental health,
d) provide equal opportunities for development of children and youth and the fight against demoralization,
e) promote the dissemination and implementation of public higher values and humanitarian attitudes to life, and to improve the public awareness in this regard,
f) stimulate the social resourcefulness and functioning within the society, as well as promoting professional integration
g) strengthen initiatives for the development of social economy and the promotion of employment and activity in the local market of individuals and groups at risk of social exclusion as well as persons without work or threatened with dismissal,
h) combat social exclusion and social inequalities related to access to goods and social benefits,
i) promote the development of entrepreneurship, business and economy based on higher values,
j) make partnership planes of effective collaboration between the non-governmental sector entities, public administration and the private sector, community development and integration of local communities,
k) provide activities for science, education and upbringing as well as activities in the area of culture, art and religion,
l) conduct education and dissemination of ideas related to the promotion of ecology, environment and sustainable development,
m) popularise educating and managing volunteers,
n) take action for European integration, respect for cultural diversity, the development of contacts and cooperation between peoples of different countries, including EU member states,
o) run charity and mission activities,
p) promote active lifestyle, sports and recreation,
q) organise free time for children and youth,
r) take care of the elderly,
s) shape personalities of young people,
t) promote the idea of civil society and patriotic attitudes.

Areas of activity:
The Foundation realises its statutory objectives by carrying out paid and unpaid public benefit work in the following areas:

1. active cooperation with partners in local government and non-governmental organizations, both at home and abroad,
2. The organization of classes, exhibitions, openings, talks, lectures, readings, lectures, consulting, competitions, workshops, games, clubs, happenings, pantomimes,
3. dissemination of knowledge about the world, conduct research, development and implementation,
4. establishing, maintenance and support for the creative work centres, community centres, cultural centres, youth clubs and cafe clubs,
5. organising and promoting creative camps, trips, summer camps for children, youth, the disabled and the elderly,
6. running and supporting Internet sites,
7. engaging volunteers to help with projects and actively promote volunteering, particularly among children and adolescents,
8. organising social movements around the Foundation’s goals at home and abroad,
9. fundrising financial and other material resources to achieve the statutory goals, including collections and auctions,
10. organising and financing or co-financing: business publishing, music, broadcasting, distribution of Christian literature and secular if aimed at promoting and developing humanitarian attitudes to life,
11. organising conferences and symposiums,
12. organising international Alpha courses and follow-up courses,
13. organising training courses, training, coaching, mentoring, therapy,
14. organising events and integration meetings in public places
15. organising concerts and performances,
16. providing therapeutic and psychological support,
17. collecting, processing and analysing questionnaires and observations of people participating in ongoing programs,
18. organising shows, events, performances and related activities on the streets of towns and villages,
19. mediation,
20. family, marriage, career counselling,
21. providing telephone help line.


If someone asks us what is the most beautiful city in Poland- unanimously we will say it’s Torun. Its atmosphere and culture is one of a kind and its history is incredibly interesting. We are one of the oldest towns in Poland. We got our city rights in 1233. We are famous for our delicious gingerbread and their well-kept secret recipe. You won’t get the true and authentic gingerbread anywhere else. We are proud that it was in our town, where the great Nicolaus Copernicus, who stopped the Sun and moved the Earth, was born. In 1997 Torun’s beautiful Old Town has been put on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. When you can go sightseeing in our amazing Town you will soon realise that it is mostly gothic, but if you look carefully, you will find various architectural styles. Torun has got an incredibly rich history, but in modern days, there is a lot happening here as well. During the year there are many cultural events, also international, such as KONTAKT (International Theatre Festival); PROBALTICAFestival of Art and Music from the Baltic States; Summer Street Theatre Meetings; Song of Songs (Christian Music Festival); Torun Blues Meeting; TOFFI- Torun Film Festival; International Festival BOULEVARD ART and of course Bella Skyway Festival. Torun is also a university city. Every year there are 20,000 students at the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Many of them decide to stay in Torun after graduation. Our city is most importantly a place that we love, where we work, live and socialise. Being grateful for this little place on Earth, we want to give back to the local community. The logotype of our town portraits an angel protecting the city gates, holding its keys. Therefore we call the citizens Torun Angels. Our aim is not to only be called Angels, but to truly be them.


If you are a volunteer or would like to give, you are very welcome to support our projects in any shape or form. You can give your time, knowledge, advice or money to help the needy.

(…) A happier person is one who gives than one who takes (…)

IBAN: PL31 2030 0045 1110 0000 0421 4100
Toruńska Fundacja Rozwoju „Wszystko Jest Możliwe”
ul. Lubicka 43, lokal 2b, 87-100 Toruń




This project is for kids 3-12 years old. During the weekly meetings, through playing, children are taught
the key qualities, which will allow them to have a good and happy life in the future. Meetings are 1,5h
long full of games, music and fun. Mainly for children, whose parents cannot afford other activities.
Meetings are free of charge.


Project for people addicted to alcohol, drugs and other substances. Weekly 1,5h meetings where
we give support through conversation and teach how to live to overcome the addiction. We spend
time drinking tea and coffee in a rented venue. You can find out how to overcome an addiction,
keep the balance, get back to friends and family. All adults welcome. Meetings are free.


Alpha course and its continuation- Beta course are aiming to show various aspects of the Christian
faith. At the moment Alpha courses are run in 169 countries in 112 different languages. At our weekly
meetings, in a nice atmosphere, sharing dinner, you can listen to talks and lectures, and discuss
various life questions about the meaning of life, calling and many other.